I'm Looking Forward to Lineage Eternal (Lineage 3)

Le4adena Date: Dec/29/16 16:00:16 Views: 1991

I've been playing mmo's for close to 17 years now and the best mmo i have found has been Lineage 2. I dont play mmo's for the story. No matter what game i play, i usually skip through all the story content. I play mmo's for the PvP and although i prefer the combat mechanic of BaS and Tera over Lineage 2, I really miss the grind. I miss the game where the amount of time spent playing the game had a profound impact on your lvl. I miss open world pvp. I miss being able to walk outside a village and kill someone (the purple flag and red murderer tags were awesome! and being killed while red made you drop gear and lose xp, which prevented everyone from going red). i miss the games where your death actually matters. i die in combat and i lose nothing. there's no reason to be cautious in battle. it's like gambling with fake money. THATS THE GAME IM WAITING FOR.


Lineage Eternal


with that said, every time a new mmo comes out, i take a week off of work so i can play interuption free. my wife knows to leave me be unless shes bringing me food or something to drink. I play until i hit end game content and then i judge the game. if there's something better currently out, i go back to it. if not, i stick with the current game.


so, in short,

- we all have that ideal game stuck in our head that we're waiting for and relate every new game to. 

- most games dont live up to the hype you create 

- play the game until end game and then make your judgement (end game is where all the fun is)

- play the game and if you decide you like something better, go back to that game. nobody is keeping you here.




AND STOP BITCHING ABOUT QUE TIMES!!! every game has que times upon release.