Lineage Eterna Game Review

Le4adena Date: Dec/23/16 21:14:00 Views: 2120

Lineage Eternal is an upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG that is a direct sequel to the original Lineage which remains one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world.


lineage eternal


Graphics ★★★


- NCsoft uses a custom engine to develop Lineage Eternal and they haven't changed it since the beginning. Looks like NCsoft is quite satisfied with it as they keep improving it. 


- We haven't seen the game's actual footage for years. So base on the screenshots taken 4 years ago we think the overall graphics are fine, especially the environment. 


- Without actual screenshot, we know Lineage Eternal has got license from NVIDIA last year to use Gameworks technology to boost the game's graphics. 


- Compared with Lost Ark, Lineage Eternal's visual style is closer to Diablo 3, for it delivers a dark, dirty and bloody (it actually has blood effects) feeling.


Combat ★★★★★


- The game's combat feels like Diablo 3, in terms of the feeling of hacking, smashing and knocking enemies. 


- The uses of dynamic camera offers non-fixed view angles, giving you more optimized and immersive combat experience.


- Innovative "Drag Action" mouse control allows you to cast certain abilities through mouse gesture.


- Diablo-style combat in massive siege battle — it will be very interesting to see how it looks like.


Open World ★★★


- Guild Wars 2 style dynamic events that can be shared by players in the same area


- Highly interactive environment. You can reach the top of castle walls, or fly through broken bridge with hooks.


- Open world boss raids that need to be fought by players together.


Dungeons ★★★★


- There are nearly infinite possible combinations in terms of dungeon layout and mob types


- In the dungeons, not only the layout and mob types are randomly generated, but also the quests and events in the dungeons are dynamic.


Lineage Eterna, the Next Action MMO King!