Lineage Eternal CBT1 Bad Impressions When Over Enchanting

Le4adena Date: Dec/19/16 02:19:16 Views: 2219

Bad things: (when I say bad, what I mean is that for the game to be PERFECT for me I want these to change)


1. I am sad that it appears gear doesn't evaporate away when you attempt to over enchant. There was something special in lineage 1 when you tried to make a valuable weapon +9. Granted, yes it sucked SOO bad when you blew up your weapon, but when it went and succeeded... wow. Those feelings.


2.  I do not like "max level" I really enjoyed soft level caps (enjoyed... haha) in lineage 1. I really really dislike the idea of having HARD caps. Given a few weeks everyone will be the same level. On the same topic as level caps, I don't agree with being able to see the other peoples level. Lineage 1 had many things hidden. If you were deciding to PK someone, you had to guess, by the persons reputation on the server alone, weather or not they were higher level than you. It made for some interesting times. I remember being completely shocked when some of the guys I was talking to were walking through town in DK morph and none of us knew! I heard sometime back months/years ago that the Eternal levels are limitless, so that might satisfy this requirement for me, I don't know.


Lineage Eternal CBT1


3.  I am not a huge fan of the way items work. white>green>blue> yellow>orange. I understand that this was sorta implemented back in lineage 1 but it was more implemented by the players themselves, instead of a hard and fast color coding system. Everyone knew that a short bow wasn't seriously worth enchanting but a yumi was. So in that regard the short bow was the "white" item. and the yumi was the yellow or perhaps Orange.


4. I am not a fan of the eternal system. I really want to make the character MINE. Not through customization per-say, coming from lineage 1 I don't need any customization, it doesn't bother me at all to look like everyone else. I will see it through, like I said before, this isn't a deal breaker for me its just "new" and a little scary. It will take me some time to get used to. We will see.