Lineage Eternal PK and PvP System Information

Le4adena Date: Jan/05/17 01:35:28 Views: 2281

Just a warning, this information might be valid for the Lineage Eternal 1st CBT only.


- Your name is White, but Red to others.

- Instant Karma after a few PK's.

- Your Characters on F1-F4 chance to drop item on death.

- Example, getting killed by a player.


Enemy PK item drop


- Enemy PK item drop.

- PK'ers only drop 0-1 item at a time.

- PK is not consensual.

- PK'ed players who don't have PK toggled on won't drop items.

- However, they can kill you and you drop your items.

- It takes awhile to clear your PK.

- Guards in town and outposts will aggro you on PK mode.

- You can't tag out while you're stunned, thus Assassin fest.

- PvP was broken, some people bugged out +99 items.

- There are potions that heal all your F1-F4 at ONCE.

- Example, F1-F3 is low HP. F4 Super Tank. Full HP Pot. GG

- The game has masteries and summoner spells.

- Similar to League of Legends (KR's thinking MOBA plans.)

- You can friendly fire a PK'er in your party!

- To prevent friendly fire, add them to your Guild.

- I got friendly fired a couple of times, lol.

- PvP/PK is all about gear enchants and plays a big role.

- There is revive on spot (cash item?) and revive at a node.

- Most players only had time to gear one PK character.

- You can declare war against others guilds.

- Unconfirmed if enemy guild will drop items on death.


Le4Adena Notes TL;DR Version


Regarding to more PvP modes, there's a recent interview where they talk about PvP arena for CBT2


- First CBT only showed about 50% of game.

- They Do read feedback from forum and even ingame chats

- They are still looking at enchant systems.(changes might come)

- Next CBT will have Guild Content, PVP Arena, PvP content. and Fishing, Gathering, Etc.

- They will introduce more drag mouse skills in next CBT