Lost Ark: How to find out server status?

Le4adena Date: Feb/28/22 15:34:52 Views: 1267

The availability of Lost Ark servers is essential for you to connect and play. So that you know in advance what your server's status is, we will show you where to check your server's situation so that you know in advance.



Lost Ark - These channels will inform you about the state of the server

Lost Ark, like many MMORPGs, had to deal with server overload and emergency maintenance at launch. To let you know in advance how things are going on your server, Amazon Games has given you an overview. We'll show you which other channels are worth checking out.


You may discover a complete overview of all servers on the Lost Ark server standing page. Here you can filter by different regions, and thanks to regular updates, the status is always up to date.

If your server is in Good status, you can expect a hassle-free login process. Unfortunately, the situation is different with "Full" or "Busy." In both cases, you must wait in line. With "Full" status, it is also possible that new players cannot create a new character on this server yet.


The status "Maintenance" means that these servers are not available at the moment, for example, due to the application of a patch. In this case, it is worth visiting the Lost Ark Twitter account. The company reports on emergency maintenance, server status, and other important game updates.




Lost Ark - That's how the servers different

There are many servers for Lost Ark, but you won't be able to tell which one is appropriate for you personally just by seeking the name. We explain:

To launch the game in Europe and the United States, Smilegate provided many servers. However, compared to other MMORPGs, separating servers into different languages ​​and communities is up to the players.


The server with the most significant German community is Asta. This is where most players from the DACH region can be found.


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If progress and Lost Ark PvP are most important, you should choose the Kadan English server.


Calvasus is a server for the Czech and Slovak community, Neria is for Italy, Trixion is considered a gathering place for Spanish, Turkish, and French players, and Wei is populated mainly by Portuguese and Scandinavian players.